Saturday, September 3, 2011

SHOK-1 - one of the best writers ever to come out of the UK

SHOK1 is the Graffiti writer from England who was born in 1970. He was influenced by New York graffiti styles and began writing furiously by ’84. This self-taught artist has been getting up worldwide for over 20 years, and working professionally since ’93 with corporate peeps Guiness, Avant-Garde London agency St. Lukes, Tim Westwood and the Hell’s Angels. His aerosol credibility is legitimized by Molotow—the first spray paint brand designed for fine art—which named one of their Premium colors “SHOK1 Evil Olive,” helping to get up the SHOK1 signature color internationally.

SHOK1 has dabbled in the digital realm, and is co-founder and lead artist of cult music and culture magazine, Big Daddy. His work has also been featured in the best-selling Pictoplasma book, Trace Magazine, Lapiz and Graphotism, while two limited edition toys were released by US toy company Kid Robot in 2005.

Lets look some of his pieces:

The Powerful
It's hard to stay focussed on painting as huge mobs of rioters burn and loot London but here's something new in the heart of the city.

Brick Teeth (2001)
If you don’t watch your back, the city will bleed you dry.

Double Helix (2002)
Graffiti writers overcome physical boundaries such as barbed wire to take space and make art. Great artists overcome boundaries of creativity and accepted thought in much the same way. DNA is the fundamental building block of life, it shares the same double helix structure as barbed wire.
Later on, I learned that artist Takashi Murakami thinks of his influence as “DNA” in a worldwide creative genepool. Same idea basically.

Teeth Kicked In (2001)
Modern living keeps kicking you in the teeth.
But there’s hope yet. When I returned the next day for photos, someone had administered cosmetic surgery and arranged all the brick teeth back into a perfect line.

Word of Mouth (2002)
We’re funny animals, the human race. Even with the modern wonders of the 21st Century, it’s still all about that “he-say she-say”.
A chain of gossiping characters on the left by me and a self-aware “Pesto” piece by Alert pointing accusatory arrows at them. Never an attention seeker that man, always for the love of the art.

Necronomicon - 2001

 Contraflow (2001)
 Living life against the grain. A few choose their own path rather than following the herd. 

2 Faced (detail)

 Alterego (2002)
 The danger of judging on appearances.
Urban Discipline 2002 exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. I think it’s still up, people write to me about it.

"AEIOU" detail

Evil TV

Santa's Ghetto (with Eine)- Charing Cross

"AEIOU" at the Mutate Britain show

"Cold" (SHOK-1)
It's been a cold winter in England in more ways than one so I wanted to do a piece made out of snow to say some things about it.
I invited my old friend Alert down from Nottingham and we brought in Skore for a bit of a reunion piece - it's been nearly 10 years. 
My original plan was to fix up all our pieces made out of the snow like this one but we only had a few hours so I ran out of time.

TV Worm Demon (close up)

"Weird Seeds"

Burger Zombie
It's a giant zombie burger. Flies with that?

Unpaintings 3
I think of these things as "fucking around with some paint before I do a proper painting". But people keep photographing them so maybe they know something I don't.

China - Heart Noose
I've just received confirmation that the Chinese government want it completely censored out.

"Everyone's a Critic"
Better shot of the Nazi Bunker in Frankfurt - ecb, Mickey, SHOK-1.

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